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Volucalc Hybrid™ Pump Station Monitoring System

Maid Labs Volucalc™ Hybrid CS

VOLUCALC™ HYBRID CS is a volumetric flow meter and an open channel flow meter and can be used on lift stations having constant speed pumps.

As A Volumetric Flow Meter

To be used as a volumetric flow meter, the lift station dimensions are entered in the Volucalc Hybrid CS. The instrument calculates the time it takes for the liquid to rise and fall between these levels and calculates a volumetric flow every 30 seconds or faster within 2% of accuracy. As soon as a calculation is performed, the computed flow is displayed on the screen of the instrument, the cumulative volume is updated and the 4-20 mA analog output is adjusted. When pump signals are the only means to detect when start and stop levels are reached, then flows can only be calculated at the end of a filling cycle and pumping cycle.

As An Open Channel Flow Meter

The VOLUCALC™ Hybrid CS can measure flow from many different open channels and generic equations. This means the volume of water coming in balance the volume pumped and the volume derived to another overflow conduit.

Download the Maid Labs Volucalc™ Hybrid CS Brochure Here

Volucalc™ Hybrid

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